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Apple Leadership Succession

Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller

If you think Apple is in leadership crisis because of Steve’s passing, you are grossly mistaken!

I am not denying the fact that he is Charishmatic, Intelligent,Forward looking but his team is not going to let you down in the years to come.

While reading the stockmarket analysis from various sources and reports of paranoidal analysts on how to sell before its too late and crap like, I still suggest you to hold the stock/ buy as much stock as you can when the market is still foolishly or should I say goatishly follows the herd.

Its going to increase and stabilise in the near future regardless of fluctuations you might see in the shortrun.

I must say, Steve jobs saved the company again by existing at the right time, because of all he never wanted his successor to be an accidental leader but a chosen one. meaning Steve,Apple and the Board had complete confidence on Tim Cook. He successfully exectuted and demonstrated his abilities in the past by optimising ops, and he will continue to do so.

There is certainly a difference between a hardcore Enterpreneur who wants to make his organisation stand out and stand on the top and an employee, but I strongly believe the difference has been substantially neutralised not to make you feel a hitch in successful organisations in this case “Apple”.

I Don’t think so Apple is only producing wonderful applications by chosing manufacturers and machines carefully, Its a company and Companies work for a common goal , united. This is what Apple is going to prove to you in the long run.

We saw many examplary CEOs, Entrepreneurs giving the world sustainable organisations that are larger than their lives. For example IBM did not die after Watson’s demise it just continued its tradition successully.

If your question/worry  is about succession post super star CEOs, Steve Jobs is not the only one, and Supe Star CEOs don’t just accumulate all the credit and leave, their success is in building their organisation and making every employee feel the need to work as one. I am sure who ever you think is your Super Star successfully accomplished that task first and more than any other externally visible marketing speech.

Apple is going to do just that, with lot of confidence and passion like it always had, I am not talking like a biased apple user, but outsider who loved observing the companies and how they perform, why perform.

So next time you hear some one saying “Sell your Apple stock”, 1. Either he wants to make use of the fluctuations 2. He is really clueless about market dynamics.




Steve Jobs Presents to the Cupertino City Council from trjlive on Vimeo.

I want you to watch this, not only because its the last public video available of an amazing person, but for you to know how passionately he spoke, his ideals, not forgetting the details no where in the talk amidst fans (council claims in the beginning of the video) his authority and repeated use of “We”.

Steve jobs obviously looks very weak, and appears not as his usual self we saw earlier, he explains how his new design is going to impact with numbers.

What caught my attention, and knowing the fact that he is no more, is “But,” he quickly skips to continue his speach which sounded to me as though he knew what was coming.

He said how brilliant the design is, how students and architectects, will come to see the office as the best offices in the world , followed by a “But,” (in my words: I will not be there to see that) and quickly returns to the answer.

wondering how a man can sell his passion so brilliantly knowing what is coming is “Death”, still not loosing his vigour, and at the end he jokes about the polluting factory “I won’t cry if you throw them out”.

What a phenomenal hero, can we ever witness another steve jobs ? I doubt despite by optimism.

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Steve Jobs


Nothing comes close to an Icon, I salute your power to change , I salute your ability to transform and dictate when it is required. More than that knowing it all has to end one day , you stood remarkably distinct the way you departed from Apple 1st time, when you returned it was a magic , Your Innovations and additions to the world make a difference for next century.

We will miss you. Rest in Peace. Steve Jobs.

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