Monthly Archives: June 2007

Momentary Happiness !

As a matter of fact there is none called permanent happiness. but I told this momentary because I knew how short this very sensation existed. because for that moment I felt like regaining all my happiness back, as if I have seen my Brother back whom I have been missing since his Birthday 13 Sep 2005. Sashi BVS who went out to save one of his film crew.

Today I am in Mysore with my other brother, and suddenly he spoke some thing while I was watching movie, His Words I Dont know how or why triggered a sense as if chinni (Sashi was otherwise called as ) and for that one moment, I forgot and my brain was longing to see him, but again my brain got its signal far before my head tried to turn .

and Back to so called pain and mess. loosing all the happiness I found in seeing him.

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