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Clean Hosting on Hostgator.

I moved from Godaddy, which gave worst imaginable service as a server with no credibility and accountability from the staff and the servers to Hostgator India.

Its been nearly a month and unlike with Godaddy,Its been really worth every micro penny I spent on these guys. They Deserve appreciation for commitment and ability to provide commited and  apt solutions. Being godaddy subscriber its really a quantum leap in service for me.

Hostgator in their unlimited plans provides space as /home/primarydomain/ while your webroot will be /home/primarydomain/public_html all your sites ideally sit in that webroot making it extremely difficult for you to organise backup or migrate to different servers.

They may not be completely messy but you will struggle to identify dependencies if the directory names does not have extensions such as .com/.co/.in/.org etc and if the migration or backup is for primary you will have hard time escaping the unnecessary subfolders created for the addon domains (not subdomains alone).

I asked if there is a way to do this better ? there is no documentation or help in this regard and they did try their best to explain how it can still be organised but I am against the idea of putting folders in a less secure way (Have to handle permissions for each of them seperately etc)

After they tried their best I decided to get my hands dirty before its too late and since I have not started migrating to hostgator yet.

I simply created a folder other giving access to all in /home/primarydomain and started hosting all the domains now my primary web root /home/primarydomain/public_html is  intact, serving only my primary domain while /home/primarydomain/other/addondomain1,addondomain2 s handling their own space respectively.

Seems like they liked the idea and hope they will make other’s experience less painful in the future.

When you provide good service, entire ecosystem will help you to do your job better, Its not closed innovation anymore.

I recommend using hostgator for anyone wanting best performing service at affordable price, NO Kidding They really impressed me. I strongly encourage startups to consider This.

BTW Thanks Hostgator guys You rock!

This is what I thought I can do for them and you, You can click on the link below and get the benefits.

Why Flipkart Acquired LetsBuy?


This page is under construction, Please be patient and come back to us while the Brain is busy building the content.

You can visit in the mean time.


A Journey thus began -My Journey with Redbus as a user

I love startups, through out my career if there is some one who made me understand the creation of brand,process and building an organisation leaving what is called “Well Paid, Secure Job” and the Ups,Downs and extreme excitement of building something I attribute it to Karthik K of Ogive.

I think its destined for me to be an entreprenuer, though I did not know in the beginning of my journey that I will, atleast so soon. Its so challenging,exciting for the reasons far from business, Its value creation, continues learning and getting a chance to work with wonderful people.

So when I saw Redbus Fastcompany 50 Innovative Comanies list I was thrilled, but not surprised as my experience started with Redbus precisely on 22 Feb 2007. I interacted with them on chat support for my failed transaction, then they immediately got back to me with ticket with which I travelled, but had a bad first experience So I sent the following mail to those guys


worst service
1 message

Vasundhar <>

Thu, Mar 1, 2007 at 17:48


I booked a ticket from Chennai to Bangalore on last sunday ie 24 Feb 2007 for 10:45 PM bus of sharma travels,
the ticket number mentioned in my ticket was 23 and the same ticket was given to 3 more people.
finally your phones were all dead and the server was down when I tried to reach you by mail from there.

Finally we managed to board the bus only because the travel agent took responsibility.

Let us know if you want us to act on it or will you be acting your self ? to make it better ?


If Physics is my God, Linux is my Girlfriend.
I go to the temple of biology to understand God with my girlfriend. 😉 [Some call it Bioinformatics

Then after nearly six months, I had to book and travel with redbus, This time since I had to go straight from office which was located off Indiranagar road, pretty close to the redbus office, I asked if I can collect the ticket from their office and if they can arrange it there, They told me to com over and I what I found is a duplex house with bunch of cables lying here and there and few young chaps of my age working on the first floor, if I remember right his name was shiva, who helped out that day by calling the agents to confirm the tickets and wrote the number etc., on the paper. (I think they had some issue with the database or something to process the payment or something similar)

First things I noticed after going there were bunch of computers, with ubuntu , numbers of many travel agents marked in all the colours and few guys taking care of the backend,reservations and so on…

But they were extremely friendly and customer focused. Needless to say the travel had no hiccups this time as they seems to have workedout on the complaints me and other folks complained about on 1 March 2007. Then I wrote the following mail.

Tremendous Improvement
1 message

Vasundhar <>

Sat, Aug 18, 2007 at 16:56

Hi Team,

I am very happy with the kind of service you are providing, with commitment.

I gave a bad feed back about your service on March 1 2007, and Best Feed back now
which really is great deal of effort on your part in gaining customer satisfaction and trust,

All the best for your future,


Since then it became kind of habit for me to go there and book tickets either online or go visit those exciting guys (They were not that famous back then though they did great job)

I wanted to feel the excitement and they never turned me down to visit and share few plesantaries.

When I see the news about them knowing the startup ups and downs of redbus as a customer, I thought of sharing what I feel is a great Team Effort in building one of the most innovative and successful brands. Taking an opportunity to Thank and Congratulate the entire team and founders vision in successfully executing it.

Congratulations Redbus. and Thank You.

Protecting your Identity by enhancing WordPress Security

I know many use wordpress as their primary blog platform, both for work and personal blogging needs. It becomes crucial to protect 

  • 516,000,000+ Users using wordpress
  • 8,112,782+ (3.3)
  • 29,863,395+ (3.2)  by own environments. (2012 Feb 13 )

There is no reason to believe, these are the upper limits, with experience of using the same source for more than 9 installations.

Since this many users are using wordpress and since I wanted to extend the security of my professional blog platform, portfolio sites and personal blog, I did research on extending the security like I can do with other open source Content Management Systems like Drupal,Magento,Joomla etc., 

There were many discussions online about inability to change the admin login url from the default wp-admin/ It is partially true. As you can’t change the wordpress url without lot of dependency checks (May be you can but it needs more than 8+ expert level on unix/php/coding and logic so lets talk about the common souls like me. while Ideal bet is to do a regex match and replace where ever your pattern matches the expression.)

There are two plugins from the 


Version 1.2.0
Updated 2011-1-28
Downloads 66,313

Sabre is extremely well documented, Feature rich with options to choose the complexity of captcha,math,detection of java script, invite only registration and so on but sadly the last update is on 28 Jan 2011, but It is very much compatible with WordPress 3.3.1 

Hide Login

Version 2.0
Updated 2012-1-29
Downloads 1,489

This Plugin does what its name says, Changing the login URL for the administrator and users to custom urls instead of generic wp-admin, and disabling the users from directly using the wp-admin. However ths doesn’t seem to be fool proof but solves the purpose to some extent.

There are more solutions available on hardwiring your apache ,

More interesting story for the motivation of this blog comes from the seach made to see if I can actually use WiKID a two factor authentication method ( and result was the url pointing how we can actually achieve this. with few tweaks to apache.

I think I will choose not one but combination of the two factor Auth with WiKID with Hide Login,for less complex, and WiKID + Sabre for the the critical ones.

I think it was great learning, worh mention of credits to the guys contributed, for the stories, and ways to solve my problem.

Please check for the dependencies and start your journey with WordPress Sabre,Hide Logn and WiKID.

Amazon’s Junglee is neither a Devil nor a God just a good competitor.

This is my side of story: Only mine.

I got a ping from my right hand man, in the middle of the night, for an enterprenuer middle of the night may range any thing between 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM depending on which time zone you operate in (it is not necessarily the time zone you are physically present in.)

S.. > Call Now !

I strongly believe conversations need not be lengthy to be understood, as long as they are precise. This is one such and since I was on a call with my son, who rarely gives me an appointment to talk over phone because of his busy schedule with his cousin to run behind, I think I gave it less priority than I normally would. Then came a buzz on my cell phone. So I thought I better attend, and wanted to hear what that critical pressing need could be

“Amazon Launched” Again as Hanuman spoke to Rama while returning from Lanka, “Seen Sita” not giving a millionth of second for worry. Ok I told and instantly hitting my fingers like playing tabala,making huge noise, which was loud enough for my buddy to hear on the other side of the ear dispite hundreds of miles between us.,<ctrl+t&gt; <ctrl+k> amazon India … after couple of more I said no … then he said “No ” they launched just now and he started his rampage on the laptop sending @vineetdhanawat ‘s post is up! No More Redirections” By then I realised Amazon has come in disguise.

Next couple of hours gone by in discussing why and how a giant can enter a market silently, what are the features, opportunity and threat analysis. What should our next strategy be if its real risk, and possible action.

Then we started thinking, If we are thinking this much poor flipkart guys must be in a bad state, worrying about the biggest ever competion unnoticingly arriving in India to fight head on. We had our sympathies and wishes being customers, alumni … so on and soforth. Loss to an yet to be launched ecommerce site, compared to the one with heavy operational burden worried us quite a bit.

It infact continued till late when we actually started looking at the platform from various angles, Flipkart is the startup revelutionising the mindset of Indian consumer by planting “Trust”. While Amazon delayed their operations, purely because of logistical hurdles they are not accustomed to in their base. So Flipkart is brave, clear winner because have been there and done that, knows the risks and rewards. While Amazon might recruit Indian experts but starting something from scratch is different from running something. So they Amazon Don’t seem to have competitive advantage. Amazon knows about it, hence launch of in beta, as primarily as a product comparision search engine rather than electronic retailer.This could as well be a solution to solve regulatory hurdles. Flipkart has already taken care of this. So so far Flipkart is in good shape.

Biggest question was why Amazon, Did not acquire flipkart ? This would have been the best route, for that one reason is flipkart’s high valuation despite its current financial situation (Nothing bad, but just being funded repeatedly, acquisitions and mergers etc.,) might have prevented Amazon from taking that route.

So is a price comparision search engine, directing kindle orders to USA, other ordes to different associates/vendors registered with amazon. Which means Flipkart can optionally use this additional medium if they want to to sell online. Its not just flipkart, but any small or medium company in retail with or without online presence can use amazon for their web expansion.

So what is going to happen with the bubbling startups in e-commerce retail ? Is it a threat to all those brothers dreaming of becoming next flipkart ? Unlike what claims being a pro entreprenuerial magazine (atleast as it claims) Is not going to kill startups.

Junglee is going to help startups by providing another marketplace to showcase distribute and expand their channels.

Why Junglee has Zero effect on entreprenurial ecosystem ? Any person making purchases online, has been moving vehemently across the the results thrown by google researching site to site if there is any place cheaper than the one offered. so IMHO, Junglee just reduced one step, making the user do that comparision (as long as the merchants are registered) at a single place and charging the vendor for selling that product. How can this create problem to an entreprenuer or flipkart ? It does not effect revenues significantly.

Flipkart by the way doesn’t sell from local retailers, they often get their products from the publishers,manufacturers by becoming a virtual distributor. While Amazon model depends on distributors and vendors, who have to forgo part of their earlier revenue which may not be significant but is contributing towards amazon revenue.

As a seller I would be more interested in trasfering that additional burden to the end customer than bear it myself. So in effect your flipkart may have to reduce their margins little bit but not going to shake even a bit.

Coming to Flipkart vs Amazon experience : We are comparing a toddler with athlete in speed is it possible for a toddler to ever reach the speed of an athlete ? Its a process that takes time. Flipkart UI is improving and not that bad either.

While Flipkart / Other e-commerce companies learn great deal about the “Customer Focus” – This is all about Amazon. Amazon will learn the logistical overheads,bottlenecks and ways to improve the sytem here in India and in USA.

I think Flipkart did a tremendous job by turning the customer favourable to e-commerce in India,for which each and every indian e-commerce company born after flipkart (even the few older ones) should be thankful for showing the path.

As we know, There are tons of successful e-commerce startups in USA despite Amazon’s presence. So I don’t see a point why we should worry. Its only innovation that can sustain and I am sure Indians and Entreprenuers in India got enough to successfully launch,run and lead in e-commerce space by concentrating on value creation to the customer, Innovative logistics and targetting niche areas.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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