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Count the people and credit the art.

Multiple Gain

Originally uploaded by Patricio Orozco-Contreras.

It took long time for me

Have a look, and think for a while,
I am not going to tell you about this till my next post,
if you found any thing, leave a comment.

Cricket is a Game … Period.

Fools are every where, With slightly more degree they are maniacs. unfortunately India witnessed many such through out. may it be on numerous budhs,strikes and chaos that I have been witnessing as a spectator aghast, or the media coverage.

There is no reason absolutely to distroy Cricketer’s properties. Noreason to criticise them for bad performance. They are already going through a lot of mess. If you have to do something about it,Its Encouraging. and Only it.

No cutting their remuneration taking the lost as a chance to blow them hard.

This As a medium I want to Tell the cricketers, We are with them always and They will prove sooner. There is no pressure in the future and all the maniacs will keep their ass shut.

Again … Let me tell one thing loud, and clear … YOU CAN WIN.

and Losing is part of Game.

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