Monthly Archives: December 2010

RT @HBRexchange: If you missed today’s chat, we will post the transcript on the HBR Facebook page later this afternoon:

Just got time to look at my window have to go out for breeze and walk

14 Dec 2007 3 years back me and anita got engaged to start a journey time just flew … wonderful time. marriage is quite funny 🙂

Thanks to Strunk and White and Mama for gifting the tiny book only because of that tweets are much more meaningful.

Just saw my family on Skype,Yahoo web conference. Live from tiny village in South India. Never Imagined will happen while studying there.

I think I Don’t know is great to begin with, but only if it ends with “Yet”!

#market #strategy : What you need to know to #sell and #grow in #India ?

Why should client software in #Aadhar project should be windows based ? when you can get every thing on a image for free and port it ? #fail

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