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Join me in celebrating #opendns , as it turns 5! Too young, yet too good. #simple #superb

Lion Eats the macbook without traces

Good News from Apple is the release of OSX lion while
for Mac book (White) aficionados its sad news because Mac book seems to have lost amidst Air,
Pro and the Lion without traces!

My Suspicion is that the lion killed the mac or is it the big boss ?

disclaimer :
Apple and Eaten Apple are the copy rights of  of Apple Inc
Lion is the Animal King from the Jungle Book, without copy right.


Facebook on Mobile

Sample Size : 608

Facebook usage on mobile : 40%

iPhone 50%
Blackberry 23%
Nokia 7%
Android 7%
Sony Ericsson 2%
INQ,Palm,Windows .08%



3G + Wifi

I think telecom operators adopting wifi in large scale is a wonderful move,
since spectrum is constant, you need to invent better way to serve the increase in demand.

If you can wisely incentivise the switch in limited hotspots (like malls, airports,hotels …) to begin with you are actually taking huge load off the network making your ops lean and efficient.

Most of the data intensive users are on the go, while updating their locations , meets and other media so why not route it through your wifi ?

Great Idea isn’t it ? however there should be a proper revenue model built around it to make it worth the pursuit.

I think people are already making plans … Hope to see some action

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