Vasundhar is …

People are of many kinds,
those think Its all life and moving on, and those who Make a mark and redefine for better I try to be the l8er.

Again People of 3 kinds, who take freedom for granted,who forgot freedom as a right, and those who know it, feel it and live it, I am this.

Well all over again, People are those who are scared of truth and scared for everything. or those who Don’t. I am here in the second.

I Speak truth, nothing but truth, it may occassionally create problems but the depth of happiness it gives is much more than momentary happiness a lie might give you.

About my Techy profile:
I am a Systems Engineer working in a Company, Love to work on Linux,C,Datamining, Bioinformatics.
Education profile : I love physics
About my personal:
I am a commited husband to my wife,Son to my parents, Babai to my dearest Mahathi,Younger or elder brother to my lovely Brothers,humble grandson to manier Grandparens, Friendly Colleague, Best Friend to dear friends,nephew and memorable student to manier Teachers.

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