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Before you send Money to India using money2india

Money to India is a service provided by ICICI Bank


  • Transaction was initiated on 2nd of March,
  • Amount debited from our account on 3rd of March
  • Transaction was verified on 5th of March
  • Customer Representative asked to reset password on 7th which took 24 hours to activate
  • 9th No Status or update
  • 10th on calling customer care they asked me to inform the remitter to send them mail and can’t disclose the information
  • Today they extended delivery date to 17th March
  • Today they extended delivery date to 23 March

Continued verification and asked to reset the password on 10th of March

which took more than 24 hours And is still In the process of processing for

indefinite time … today is 11th March and counting …

Do you think you really want to transfer or receive money using un dependable service which has too much delays on top of your regular wire transfer and uncertainty and lack of interest to respond sounding clearly in their voices ?

They Seems to have a standard way of answering “Please ask the remitter to send a mail, and call us we can’t disclose the information” Its my account mentioned as beneficiary you dammit, if not brain use your eyes at least.

Their SLA is maximum of five days, what I noticed today is 9 days and counting ? Their standard operating procedure is to put funds on hold for fierce reason which by the way they don’t share with you. and hold funds as long as they can … what you should understand here is they are making fool of many like you so it must be in millions plus their interest, that not only covers the fluctuation of the currencies but also raises their profit levels to significant extent

Hell No I will not recommend Money2India again to any one ever.

Next time … I would go for Wire transfer free from SBI or some other better provider

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