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Our Family had too many common teachers!

Its quite unusual unless you have a brother who is still in the same school you are in or other way round.

but when I was in school, I was taught by a teacher, who taught my dad 🙂 then years later I joined a LDP from IIMC  where My Brother and myself got few more overlaps …

Enjoying it

Demi gods, fancy phones and kingfisher airlines !? Hindia where are you heading?

I wanted to post this on the drafted date 14 Oct 2008, When I saw a gentleman in Saffron cloting (Warning: People! Looks can be deceptive) talking over the phone , through out the delayed flight time which was about 1:30 Hours. and I was waiting patiently because I had to meet my wife and was doing pretty much the same, talking to my New wife (Its Acceptable even if the wife is old, but in my case I mentioned New because I got married only on 16 Feb 2008).

I was watching him because I had this problem of observing people, and particularly oddlooking ones (without their knowledge though) and this saffron Swamiji let me call grabbed my attention in no time for the gadgets he had all over him.

He had an Ipod around his waist, and was able to see wite plugs going up till his ears, and 2 phones 1 Iphone (1) and a Blackberry.

I thought this Swami must be good at business. Initially I thought ge must be techy turned swami, 10 minutes over and still phone is on, and weird thing , he might have foreseen the Idea trade mark Ad Walk and Talk Continuesly smiling and talking as if … speaking to a girlfriend.

Being liberal in some aspects and Arrogant in some other aspects, I felt weird and worried , with a tiny sense of responsibility I put on my head. For the wrong vibes and message these guys are carrying and spreading every thing but the “Truth” which Vedic Tradition was mainly about.

Today there was another disturbing clipping on TV9, About Yet another Fake Swami Nityananda in compromising positions and gestures with Some actresses (I Don’t know and Don’t care who they are ).

I want an explanation from him in public for all his acts. Because after all what he did is … spoiling the divinity of sainthood no matter what religion it may be.

I Am still worried about diminishing Culture and Tredition … Should Swami’s be considered another sect of politicians without values ? with politicians?

Lets hope for the best !

Good Night All

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