Monthly Archives: December 2007

Sell yourself!

Often times I wondered, why people leave, organisations? if it sounds too complicated a problem, let me ask why people quit managers ? where does the sysem fail so miserably ? inspite of many strategies?

As I started dwelling it deep, I realised , Companies care less to sell themselves to employees and more to clients.

In case of a client, you sell a product, and carefully serve to make him / her comeback to you again and again. But with employees, Story is no longer the same.

In my personal opinion, Employee satisfaction depends to a great extent on growth if not promised or if vision is missing, no employee will be interested to continue, and invest his intellectual capital in to a barren land of recognition.

Before learning any management lessons, or Marketing lessions, I think startups, irrespective of their business, should know how to sell themselves to the employees because They generate revenue.

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