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Social Irresponsibility

News Andhra JyothiTo The Editor,

Every Organisation in addition to regular Business and productive responsibility should have

some thing called Social Responsibility. And Media being one of the vital aspects of information

should take at most caution while publishing, as Every WORD goes out with a message.

What I am speaking about is the AndhraJyothi Edition that came with a headline saying “Pattalu Tappina Circaru Bandi” with a cartoon next to it,

For a person with Common sense or Human Sense its a disturbing news, because there exists a train by that name, and I looked into the matter to

find if all the passengers are fine, worried and shocked.

However The news is fortunately not about any Mishap, but a criticism on the govt, which is a shame, I Don’t care what you do with the government, it comes about your freedom of expression, but CERTAINLY not publishing what ever you wish to.

Yes I accept possibility of other views while publishing that content but you have to remember, People read your news paper with

so many perspectives and should ensure that the coverage is in proper terms with logic and sensibility. without creating Panic and sending wrong messages to the readers.

This Appeared in News paper, which means Derailed Circar Express but the news is about govt not performing well.

Expect ,

Frankly I Don’t know how to write.

Then Next probable Question  arises in the mind is then what Am I doing here?

I Don’t know… if that is what you are thinking May be you are mistaken.

I am here to communicate, interact and explore the “blog freedom” and the knowledge you all have in abundance.

Its just the beginning, and expecting is the process that makes the difference of turning some one as ignorant as myself to informed.

So let me see how it goes with a warm wish from me to you all.

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