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Whats wrong with #RIM (Research in Motion) #Blackberry ? “Inertia”

I loved my experience Blackberry experience always and went on to say the iphone is for the entertainment and blackberry for the productivity. (Once)

Their initial business model was good, when the people wanted secure email communication on the go, but now that needs no additional ifrastructure, people can get all that and more at fraction of what RIM offers the services with equal or nearly equal security.

RIM has become a burden, bottleneck, for the RIM,Blackberry, Service Providers, Users. Choices are less, Innovation in the handheld devices are near NULL.

So I was wondering if isolation is really the right thing? and if RIM should stick to lethargy,Inertia and bring in what it has in the name “Motion”, Action and Innovation to the market ?

Its high time to expand the business, improve the service and open the system from closed, which has been generating revenues so far. Now their game plan should be to add premium features for the corporate customers needing more secure communication, but should let the others do what they want to do with the mobiles without causing lot of trouble.

Just sell plain vanilla phone that can be used as I like, you forget complicated stuff,let me forget the complicated stuff. you will gain market share in no time. after all Nokia+Microsoft is having why not you?

Think! Seriously and Act Fast!


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Strategic Anatomy of “Focus on The User” and Google.


Sherryl Sandburg Posts on Facebook searchengine land’s article on Focus On The User

It opens a simple looking site with intended focus on User, blurring rest of characters. It says

“How much better would social search be if Google surfaced results from all across the web? The results speak for themselves. We created a tool that uses Google’s own relevance measure—the ranking of their organic search results—to determine what social content should appear in the areas where google+ results are now hard coded ..”

All of the information in this demo comes from Google itself, and all of the ranking decisions are made by Google’s own algorithms. No other services or APIs are accessed.

With a snapshot of how google search is looking currently vs how the new script is going to change the way google results look.

This comes with Examples,demonstration video hosted on youtube recorded while using google chrome no cross advertisement except when he searches for facebook to show the relevance , FAQs seems to have ulterior motive of explaining

  1. How this tool works in general (to eliminate legal headaches  they clarified use of only google information and no other source/API) 
  2. Where New Search Results Appear
  3. Source of Images in new applet , Why they are not displayed in native search result though Google is providing provision for the site owners to customise and why only google plus profiles come with pictures and how linkedin and other social network profiles are sensored.
  4. What if it does not work


Video explains all the caveats, how to make it work and re emphasise what is told in faqs.

With this video it is evident that the social media guys never want to bump into search domain but not liking the google intervention and prevention of their content only partly  represented despite content owners efforts to make their content appear  in the form they wish to display.

It also explains and convinces us, or atleast tries how monopolistic google is when it comes to promoting their services even in so called organic search and preventing other networks from using the medium.

It also pokes Google’s inability to weigh Social search in a socially significant way.

If you want to see this as just a java script or bookmarklet, you are grossly mistaken, Its just is a needle ready to punch on google’s vital organs slowly but significantly in coming few days.

I loved this more because of the opportunity and technical abilities these guys used to build a tool to flatten an emporer. Smart strategic coordination with timely release .

Last report reads, Google is in Intensive Care unit, waiting for next doctor to come, who is on rounds in the Mountain View, California.

Not Surprisingly , Name of the folder carrying the script is “Don’t  Be Evil” rings a bell ?

Don’t be evil” is the informal corporate motto (or slogan) of Google, originally suggested by Google employees Paul Buchheit and Amit Patel at a meeting. — Wikipedia

Have you read “use the enemy’s own strength against him.” and “Hide your Dagger behind a smile” Must read 


UPDATE 24-Jan-2012: My Friend today pointed out saying “Facebook,Twitter” doesn’t allow you to export your contacts very true good article is here http://techcrunch.com/2010/11/04/facebook-google-contacts/ 

I am not saying if google is good or bad, but its about how competition makes use of opportunities. Is it fair ? May be , May be not.

By the way Have we understood  “Google ” Relevant search right ? Its not relevent, Its relavant to google

They always had clarity.

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