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Quora – Last place I want to see spam

Spam is inevitable evil mails,comments in blogs,un wanted pop ups all unsolicited sh*t is growing in numbers and Wikipedia is a notable victim, trying hard to keep its sanity. Now Unfortuntately Quora gets it too …

Until recently Quora is closed, Knowledge gate which gave entry only to the authorised,tech savy experts who genuinely wanted to contribute.

Now for the past couple of visits It changed, I repeatedly encountered link building activities mostly on ecommerce queries Here and Here Its painful because I was helpless! There is no way I can report content spam, I can report the name of the person is wrong etc., down vote but its not going to solve the problem.

Why Downvoting is not spam protection ? Because you can collaboratively upvote to promote your posts making them stick. and downvoting only means the content is less worthy than it is. In the case of spam it is not the story.

I have 0 tolerence for spam in Quora because that is the most valuable resource for people really interested in collaborative learning and many really contribute because of that reason.

With increase in such activities, I am sure there will be contribution but not as passionately as it is supposed to be.

If you love Quora and if you think it need to be addressed please do something about it.


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