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Yet Again, A World is Destroyed,Is not the Only One! #DelhiGangRape

Excerpt from Manusmriti 3.56  Reads:


यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता: ।
यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफला: क्रिया: ।।

अर्थ = जहां पर स्त्रियों की पूजा होती है, वहां देवता रमते हैं । जहाँ उनकी पूजा नहीं होती, वहाँ सब काम निष्फल होते हैं ।

English :-

Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devata ।
Yatraitaastu Na Pujyante Sarvaastatrafalaah Kriyaah ।।

Meaning: “Where Women Are Honored , Divinity Blossoms There; And Where They Are Dishonored , All Action Remains Unfruitful.”

We are Born in India which believes in Manusmriti, and believe Ravana was destroyed because he abducted Sita – Wife of Rama 

And Kauravas destroyed because they insulted Draupadi – Wife of Pandavas

Its so unfortunate that the girls irrespective of their age,dressing or anything being insulted in various ways unspeakable by any human or animal and most disgusting of all, being made responsible for their actions.

I Blogged Here way back in 2005 Now after 7 years there is no difference NOTHING, things have gone from Bad to worse. 

Delhi remains insecure for both men and women and more so to the women.

When a Girl child is born, her parents will be dreaming of her eyes, she speaks her first words and all small naughty things she would have told, then the schooling … Dreams of her education, marriage, grand children and husband Dreams … Dream and Dreams …

Then comes a fucking moron, who thinks her like an object, satisfying his desires, satisfies his sadistic pleasures and leaves her on the road … For a bastard like that it doesn’t matter if he just destroyed a world, he is just concerned about pleasure he experiences (I am not sure if that is the case too) Or just for fun.

Then some report, some are too scared to face the “Society” that doesn’t console or support but despirate to castrate her as if it was done willingly or because of “HER” attitude.

There are kids as small as 2 , 3, 4, 5 being used as objects – Who are these so called moral police? Do they even know what humanity is about ? without blaming the victim ? 

Its Physical and Mental Torture for life for the victim, from the burns and bruises and the Society. 

While the news and headlines of Delhi News is still in the air there are more scrollings going about kids being targetted in 3 states of about 5 yrs age. 

This time we are not silent, we need action, we need involvement, We need support from all walks of life volunaring to protect our girl child.

We Need to be proactive, protective or what you see is a country full of barbarians – Justice is only reactive in a country full of corrupt policy makers busy protecting their asses in the cover of Z category security.

We Need people who dare to go there stand up and make decisions. Not Puppets.

BTW The 23 year old girl who is undergoing emergency surgeries and in ICU was on her way to become a doctor to save lives. Its the pathetic state of the State.

Legal system in India gives right to defend and protect yourself or protect some one, so any Ideas about how to treat a rapist before handing over – Comments are welcome to make India a better place again.  

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Need of Edutainment for Indian Children #BBCIndia pulls plug for @Cbeebiesfun Leaving India


There is no match for the quality of entertainment and education provided by BBC Cbeebies in India and I won’t be exaggerating if I say that it stands true around the world.

I have a 2 year old kid, He learnt Numbers, Alphabets, Manners, Story Telling and Behaving and Cleanliness to name few things he learnt through it.

I Won’t say parents and grand parents are equally responsible but the medium BBC used is more attractive and sticks in the children’s minds.

I was looking other so called children’s channels, They either had promotional shit, Tearing down papers, fights and dangerous activities that never appeared on cbeebies in past one year of our viewing.

In One of the channel I saw a mother character (I think its POGO a NO GO for me.) asks their kids, if you don’t go out you have to read books as if it is something wrong or punishment to read books.

Other Channel is busy promoting to spit the food and throw stuff at others or fight.

I Have no hope for these channels and wonder how such shitty channels like Cartoon Network or POGO are able to survive while BBC Ceebiebies backing off due to the competition from paid channels.

We watched and never felt offended or felt need to regulate the channel while Cbeebies was there and we used to have no problem in feeding our son, who otherwise will avoid eating.

They should consider coming back and start innovating to give experience in profitable way.

Spread the word!

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Before you send Money to India using money2india


Money to India is a service provided by ICICI Bank


  • Transaction was initiated on 2nd of March,
  • Amount debited from our account on 3rd of March
  • Transaction was verified on 5th of March
  • Customer Representative asked to reset password on 7th which took 24 hours to activate
  • 9th No Status or update
  • 10th on calling customer care they asked me to inform the remitter to send them mail and can’t disclose the information
  • Today they extended delivery date to 17th March
  • Today they extended delivery date to 23 March

Continued verification and asked to reset the password on 10th of March

which took more than 24 hours And is still In the process of processing for

indefinite time … today is 11th March and counting …

Do you think you really want to transfer or receive money using un dependable service which has too much delays on top of your regular wire transfer and uncertainty and lack of interest to respond sounding clearly in their voices ?

They Seems to have a standard way of answering “Please ask the remitter to send a mail, and call us we can’t disclose the information” Its my account mentioned as beneficiary you dammit, if not brain use your eyes at least.

Their SLA is maximum of five days, what I noticed today is 9 days and counting ? Their standard operating procedure is to put funds on hold for fierce reason which by the way they don’t share with you. and hold funds as long as they can … what you should understand here is they are making fool of many like you so it must be in millions plus their interest, that not only covers the fluctuation of the currencies but also raises their profit levels to significant extent

Hell No I will not recommend Money2India again to any one ever.

Next time … I would go for Wire transfer free from SBI or some other better provider

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