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The Art of Breaking things

Yes ! It is indeed an Art to Break Things, I realised how magically it converged into science due course of time, only after I had a talk with some one.

For all this First of all I should thank my parents for giving me freedom and encouragement to break things ,as long as I learnt a lesson or two from what otherwise would have called a disaster by any one but my Mom and Dad.

After the long discussion, I started analysing what made significance, and obove all it appeared to me that learning from failures has been my biggest and brightest assets. every thing else like resilence,enthusiasm just added to your attitude to break rules/things.

Let me tell you a real story..
First Day.
when I was about 3 year old, my Uncle who was doing PhD in USA at that time got me a toy car, Basic remote controlled car that used to sense ‘tick toc’ sound it used to make,as a kid I checked the device supplied with the toy, that making sound, saw through the sounding part, tried making similar sound using 25 paisa frog (we used to call in our village for its funny sound) magically it worked. then I clapped and it continued till I slept without turning it off.

The Second

It never came to life after First day, because when ever wheels stopped rotating, I was crying or clapping to make them run…. poor circuits might have got heated , not sure if it would have worked if it would not have entered my workshop.

my day started by taking the car to kitchen, took a tiny spoon, opened all the screws it had and ripped open the top and bottom. few wires were attached to the top, now I recollect, they were part of those blinking lights with cellotape. not hard stuff so I used the same spoon to remove the tape and carefully took the lights off.

Till this, I think car was able to make some noise, and lights used to blink not bright but blink for sure. then my eyes turned to one block fitted next to rear wheels which was almost like a tiny matchbox with matchstick kind of thing made of metal rotating when I made some sounds.

I could not resist my temptation to remove it … and I did … it was smelling like burnt and little hot, after all it worked overtime already.

I removed that rotating stuff, Toy car once was like a moving charm now is just a top, wheels,bottom wires and tiny block of matchbox size which I later learnt is a motor containing magic.

This was my inspiration I used to connect wires, build circuit with Torch batteries and feel proud when it used to run. and torch being a metal one some times it used to stick to it,. some kind of mystic attraction it had with tthe torch so I limited myself to lengthy wires.

This inspiration made me learn about magnetism,electricity,sensors, and movement through my dad primarily and brilliant teachers who were so kind to my michivous experiments.

As an Engineer, I think they all added up in building me. for which I am extremely thankful.

So guys, if you see this generation wonderkids playing with laptops, mobiles … dont stop them. let them play with … and make sure you are giving the right signals out.

Bricks of Construction are hidden , in the broken toys, and limitless inspirations.

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Mudra (Scribblings from my past 14 04 2003)

Signature plays a vital role in our life and the same holds good for machine too.

Practically No machine leaves the work with just the intended operation, but in addition it leaves some distinct mark/s on the work, most of the time they are ignored because, scales at which they occur are beyond the possibility of measurement or to consider.

The signature changes from machine to machine and the signature of a single machine on all the work pieces undergoing same operation will be the same/similar, the signature of machine will exist until the next operation is done on the machine, even then the signature will be transformed into the signature of the machine doing latest operation on the work piece.

These are called machine’s finger prints or signatures which are unique for a machine like the fingerprints of human being. This unique phenomenon is not just limited to machine world but shows its traces in fields like history, psychology, medicine, genetics, computers, botany and zoology.

If I consider a human brain as system a mental shock caused during childhood will have considerable impact on the future actions and we can say the actions are driven by previous shock (May it be a physical or psychological) Similarly in computers, software stored in the system once leaves its traces on the registry any attempt to change it will result in overwriting on the previous signature but not quite really erased.

We may change the dimensional requirements, but cannot change the signature of machine, but its pattern will change with any change in either tool or the maintenance operation is done.

The phenomenon called signature can also be seen as a psychological development in character building which rather defined as the collective effect of multiple influences of persons and their lasting impressions on human mind. Every one you met might have made an impression, some times a lasting and some times not, given the chance to recollect with the correct pulses (trigger) to retrieve it, you may get the actions that were influential in the past. Replications of the reactions to similar experiences may be unobservably small and short term that an observer might not be able to understand without considerable effort.

From the fundamentals of “Deterministic Chaos” a small change in the input data causes large variations in complex scenarios and minimal variations in linear or simple ones.

If we extrapolate our learnings from Machines Signatures to Life , We can understand why we can’t produce perfect clone, or create a perfect life.

Ref: Chaos (a system is chaotic if its trajectory through state space is sensitively dependent on the initial conditions, that is, if unobservably small causes can produce large effects) is the much of use to determine the system and assumptions we are making considering the birth as a linear subsystem.

References http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/chaos.html

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