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Need of Edutainment for Indian Children #BBCIndia pulls plug for @Cbeebiesfun Leaving India


There is no match for the quality of entertainment and education provided by BBC Cbeebies in India and I won’t be exaggerating if I say that it stands true around the world.

I have a 2 year old kid, He learnt Numbers, Alphabets, Manners, Story Telling and Behaving and Cleanliness to name few things he learnt through it.

I Won’t say parents and grand parents are equally responsible but the medium BBC used is more attractive and sticks in the children’s minds.

I was looking other so called children’s channels, They either had promotional shit, Tearing down papers, fights and dangerous activities that never appeared on cbeebies in past one year of our viewing.

In One of the channel I saw a mother character (I think its POGO a NO GO for me.) asks their kids, if you don’t go out you have to read books as if it is something wrong or punishment to read books.

Other Channel is busy promoting to spit the food and throw stuff at others or fight.

I Have no hope for these channels and wonder how such shitty channels like Cartoon Network or POGO are able to survive while BBC Ceebiebies backing off due to the competition from paid channels.

We watched and never felt offended or felt need to regulate the channel while Cbeebies was there and we used to have no problem in feeding our son, who otherwise will avoid eating.

They should consider coming back and start innovating to give experience in profitable way.

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