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Doing the “Right Thing” not based on Popularity. #DelhiGangRape

There is a part wanted me to Hang all the Six involved in Delhi Incident, so strongly that felt the need for the govt., to ensure safety to girls now and more seriously in 3 more months when the juvenile is going to be released with what ever spirit that might have got him through wide media coverage and attention and other things not to mention his exposure to more criminals in & out.

We all more or less raised a voice, the govt, though did not acknowledge or support or act to protect the people, rights and assurance of security to people, it did recognise there is revolution under way and protests are just at the face of it.

Govt., did high drama of sending the victim to singapore, without asking logical/humane questions that should have been asked by a life saving doctor or a protective govt., rather they did successfully washed their hands, repeatedly without slightest sense.

Courts have taken up the case, amidst protests and Judiciary despite the gravity of the situation acted and acting so much responsibly making sure the judgement process is as per the perfect legal guidelines.

They checked the criminal’s ages, chargesheeted 5 and verifying the details of sixth one. Fortunate or Unfortunate he is a Minor in legal sense, and can’t be punished beyond the legal framework how much ever terrible the crime may be.

I was listening to some random channel interviewing his principal from school, he clearly said the boy is less than 18 year old, left school after completing 3rd std. so how do I react to that ?

should we kill this guy for what ever he did or should we kill the system or the govt., or probably each one of us who are directly or indirectly helping the people to drop out of schools because we are not being responsible in selecting the right candidates, we don’t want to get into politics or teaching or we don’t take up any socially responsible jobs and we fight for mundane reservations, partitions and all possible non constructive activities.

I am not just worried about possible victims of this juvenile, but many more possible ones that have already dropped out of schools and getting trained in the same school this boy or may be much worse than the one this kid got exposed to.

Its not about dress code, nor it is about sex education or some other weird non practical idealisting thing like teaching karate to women to protect etc., because you can’t practically teach 2 year old to fight back and how much ever you do … its not going to be strong enough to stop from the malevolent eyes.

Our priority shifts to education and governance. may be there is some saint who can explain talk and make this guy reasonable human being or what ever . but We Should stick to most important agenda of bringing the Right People to Power, giving the Right Education.

I felt proud listening to what judiciary did because its easy to do the right thing when it is popular, but doing the right thing knowing that the world wants something else either logically or emotionally or what ever needs lot of commitment. we should Thank and Appreciate our Judges and Lawyers in the courts.

Thanks to a friend who made me watch 12 Angry Men (

India_flag for thought provoking reflections.


Cricket is a Game … Period.

Fools are every where, With slightly more degree they are maniacs. unfortunately India witnessed many such through out. may it be on numerous budhs,strikes and chaos that I have been witnessing as a spectator aghast, or the media coverage.

There is no reason absolutely to distroy Cricketer’s properties. Noreason to criticise them for bad performance. They are already going through a lot of mess. If you have to do something about it,Its Encouraging. and Only it.

No cutting their remuneration taking the lost as a chance to blow them hard.

This As a medium I want to Tell the cricketers, We are with them always and They will prove sooner. There is no pressure in the future and all the maniacs will keep their ass shut.

Again … Let me tell one thing loud, and clear … YOU CAN WIN.

and Losing is part of Game.

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