Two Evenings with Serendipity! – Man of the Heart, A Lalon Phokir Story @RangaShankara

Day 1:

My Office is in J.P Nagar, We go to Lunches with Colleagues and Friends around the place for Our Guests to Experience what Authentic food in Karnataka / Rajasthan Looks like, in that process came art, Chris and Chase wanted to get some art back home, based on Badri’s Recommendation we went to explore the place “Walking” After Lunch, Directions were clear and simple, Opposite “Ranga Shankara ” WoW !!

We were at work, need to go back soon, there are tons of things to complete before winding up, however, checked the schedule and regardless of the play wanted to be there because Theatre is simply irresistable, I wish I remembered the name since I visited this place for the first time. Nevermind!

We Got to this amazing place Frame Define , picked few beautiful frames,idols and paintings.

Next Day, after sendoffs and plesentaries and lot of Running literally and figuratively in the future, I Just started but in the Art front not the tech front which I am going to any ways.

Waved my Hand, Ranga Shankara, Damn, This Auto Guys … Insanely demanding or reluctant when you need them most, One turned off my route, he has got priorities, and most of the time more pressing than the demand. fortunately I made it when I explained its J.P Nagar Police Station Road, Ran and got the tickets.

Then I remembered my friend who wanted to pick another wonderful painting at the store, well … the painting guy was taking time, as you know about Bangalore traffic already. Knowing how much he wanted, I checked if he arrived, anxiously looking if every guy is carrying the painting, then comes a car, my friends and most important – They Are Guests of Honour. Athithi Devo Bhava, Never Turn Down the Guest. Went had really good time, There comes a Buzzing sound Starting the Play … 

No Regrets! First lesson before you start making your choices, My Friend Shyam told, years ago. Important one.

After seeing my friend happy with his precious possession, and sending off, I waited hoping the people to come out during interval , ofcourse I did not miss the detail there.


Rangashankara On First Day 


Hours passed while I was slowly eating finger chips in the cafeteria, cakes and More Tea  … I wish I had a time machine, apparently for the plays there is no fixed interval, and No one came out making me wait out side till the end of the play. good I had my laptop there to do some Pure tech at Pure Art place.

Finally People started coming out one by one and guards getting ready to do something I am not sure of … then asked how long is the interval ? They said looking at me like a fool, The Show is Over! I got furious, frustrated for waiting there , hoping to peek in during the interval. There Ends my first day of serendpity. Just Outside the walls of “RangaShankara” – Unpaid guard.


Day 2:

I went in the afternoon during the Lunch to check if enough tickers are there, there were but there was no change for 1000, and the person at the counter was good enough to confirm that there were many tickets available. Went back to office after lunch and got into work, when I looked out of the monitor it was 19:14 Damn, I thought I am going to miss it today aswell, jumped out of the office,took a cab and reached JIT, Not knowing what is in store …


Suman Mukhopadhyay enters the stage, explaining something about Music, and Unknown Fakir, Music is fine what this fakir life is going to be and did I waste my time ? were my thoughts … he departs and the same buzz, only difference, I am inside!

lights go off, with focused lights beaming on gentleman (Sudipto Chatterjee) dressed as “Lalon Phokir” and his team coming on stage singing and simple instruments to support themselves.


This is what I wrote during the interval —

Amid Traffic Jams and High Octane Life …

There is a place witnessing power packer performance, a treat to ears,eyes soul and brain “RangaShankara” playing “Man of the Heart – A play about the life and times of Lalon  Phokir.” It is not 3D, nor Digital Dolby, Yes the professor used multi media but probably its not the reason why the people never left the auditorium.

5 “Simple” Subjects, You might ignore in the broad day light, Joins to tell a story of equally pedestrian fakir, For the souls longing to realise the secret of life in much simpler subtle ways one doesn’t expect. His Name is Lalon Phokir as they might call him, but name you can ignore, his songs, his philosophy are as contemporary as they were 2 centuries ago, they are lullabies to ears, hearts and souls , however they wake up another world awakening you to see the life inward and out.

I didn’t feel I was breating, only making subtle moves when the legs or hands paining due to prolonged immobility. It was not just one , its Music, its Philosopy, Its Religion and Its beyond.

I Strongly Recommend reading about this Phokir, (mendicant

Water of the Ganga is called Holy.
But it’s the same water filling
The puddle on the road we call dirty!
That is how the Saain shapes Himself…
in size with the vessel He fills! – Lalon Phokir

He lived simple life against the British rule, social injustice and bringing Unity across regions around him.

Team:Rendered by Daminee Basu, the song is accompanied by Satyaki Banerjee (dotara), Nazrul Shah (ektara), Mriganabhi Chattopadhyay (water effects), Rashmi Bhatt (wind effects) and supported vocally by Sudipto Chatterjee. 

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