@Airtel_Presence Broadband Customer Retention vs New Customer Acquisition #Fail

When I relocated to Hyderabad nearly 4 years back, I subscribed for Airtel Broadband, I liked their service and some times I did not like like any service provider.

But what pissed me off is their policy (Blame the moron who wrote the policy or Write a policy that says Customer Care is important) who woke up in the middle of night and told, we won’t give modems repaired/replaced after 1 year of service.

Its not only foolish but extreme lack of customer care because you need that god damn device to connect to the web, for which you are charging us. There are service providers providing Fibre optic, with whom I am extremely satisfied with. eg., Reliance,Beam … BSNL …

Why would I stick to a provider who doesn’t care for me, any more than his stupid policies ? If I opt out of the plan, Airtel Will provide modem for free for new connection, but they don’t care about the old customer ? WTF?

Let us assume I am taking that route of disconnecting from my current Airtel Service, and opt for a new one with a different name … just the for the sake of exploiting your stupid policy … It questions my interest in a provider who will again create problem next year when my modem dies.

I need to call customer service, wait for hours to just get the god damn modem working, and they say “It can’t be repaired, we won’t replace, but you will get your monthly bill”

So I am choosing to get rid of the Airtel Connection and opting for Reliance Broadband.

Airtel Management go hell with it, Unless you face the client face to face, and attend calls you are stupid to make a decision for a company investing on your abilities.


Infact they had earlier provided best service, now they seem to concentrate on moving Bharti Beetel’s inventory out ? I Don’t know but I hate it.


One thought on “@Airtel_Presence Broadband Customer Retention vs New Customer Acquisition #Fail

  1. Ankit Mathur says:

    I totally agree here .. I too faced the same issue in Delhi. However, when I did made an attempt to discontinue they financed my new modem by adjusting its value in next 3 bills.

    So no doubt there policies are all wrong but if someone cares to cut his cost they just need to fight in a raised voice with CCE

    For all those who are facing this issue now and are contemplating on paying for the modem. Don’t do that. Airtel should either lose it customer or, change its policy. Ball should be in there court not ours

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