Whats wrong with #RIM (Research in Motion) #Blackberry ? “Inertia”

I loved my experience Blackberry experience always and went on to say the iphone is for the entertainment and blackberry for the productivity. (Once)

Their initial business model was good, when the people wanted secure email communication on the go, but now that needs no additional ifrastructure, people can get all that and more at fraction of what RIM offers the services with equal or nearly equal security.

RIM has become a burden, bottleneck, for the RIM,Blackberry, Service Providers, Users. Choices are less, Innovation in the handheld devices are near NULL.

So I was wondering if isolation is really the right thing? and if RIM should stick to lethargy,Inertia and bring in what it has in the name “Motion”, Action and Innovation to the market ?

Its high time to expand the business, improve the service and open the system from closed, which has been generating revenues so far. Now their game plan should be to add premium features for the corporate customers needing more secure communication, but should let the others do what they want to do with the mobiles without causing lot of trouble.

Just sell plain vanilla phone that can be used as I like, you forget complicated stuff,let me forget the complicated stuff. you will gain market share in no time. after all Nokia+Microsoft is having why not you?

Think! Seriously and Act Fast!


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