‘Satyamevjayate’ – My Heart Beats again with hope for India

Dear Aamirkhan,

I lost hope, Hardly switch on the television, except few chosen programs on cnbctv18, hated what media projects,makes and pushes to the audience without meaning or sense of responsibility.


सत्यमेव जयते Changes it once for all. Thanks to Aamir Khan and team for coming up with responsible,Ideal,Innovative Platform for a Better India, Better tomorrow.

First episode addresses Female Infanticide, Experts,activists and couple of journalists who have done sting operations and at the end of the episode Aamir sends a letter to the CM of Rajasthan where infanticide rates are frighteningly high.

Thanks again to Aamir and Team for wonderful episode.

For those who have missed it, Don’t forget to keep remainders for 11:00 AM IST on Sunday

Important Update :

I am so fortunate to know doctors Dr. Ramachandra Rao, Dr. Jayalakshmi from Kuchipudi parents of Dr.Movva Srinivas (Cardiology) and Dr. Sridevi (Gynacology ), I think their efforts to reduce female infanticides/Foeticides by asking the parents and families of the girl child if they want a girl child or not, taking care of the child themselves till they find a suitable parents who are employed,financially stable  without children. 

Being in Rural Andhra Pradesh, I think their services do deserve “Thanks” and “Appreciation” for doing noble thing without expecting anything in return.

I hope many doctors take them as example in saving the precious girl child.

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2 thoughts on “‘Satyamevjayate’ – My Heart Beats again with hope for India

  1. Rajiv Verma says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Salute to Mr. Amir Khan who is actually converting his thoughts to action. What a responsible citizen, human being. He know he can influence people and he is using his celebrity status for the betterment of country unlike many other celebrities. I hope we’ll all do out bit like you are doing Vasundhar.Keep it up, Satyamev Jayate!

  2. Vasundhar Boddapati says:

    This is not the first of talk shows, This is not first of reality television, There are tons of frightening crime news with varied levels of crime and promotion,There are programs @BDUTT proudly presents moving here and there interrupting as much as possible, so is the case with many other whose focus is more of interrupting than conveying something viable, constructive?Why this needed a celebrity? Why Journalists failed to deliver it to India? Isn’t it supposed to be news? should it not have been alarmed about ? Why it needed Aamir Khan ? why the media that is so god damn concerned about say "Weight of some ex actress after delivery","affair of some other with colleague",Or some other crappy bull shit that grabs their attention like short supply of weapons or highlights of kingfisher calender girl or some other shit ?Why was this media never been tapped like this before ? Last time I saw some real common man on tv was when Anupam Kher was doing a program with DD.

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