I must say, after a long time we have a show we would wake up for on a Sunday morning. It’s SATYAMEV JAYATE!

The first episode covered ‘Sex Determination Tests’, leading to Abortions in India, an issue known to each and every one of us, but still ignored. The show put the light on how ‘Female Foeticide’ has been made a business by doctors and how till date, not just the uneducated section of society, but also the ‘cream of the society’ fight for a baby boy and KILLS THE GIRL CHILD (harassing the mother as well – thinking of her being a culprit if she conceives a girl). By the way, here’s an EYE OPENER – it’s a male’s sperm that decides the sex of the baby. So, in-laws, isn’t it time to harass your son for a baby boy? It’s depressing to know that women in India, even…

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