Clean Hosting on Hostgator.

I moved from Godaddy, which gave worst imaginable service as a server with no credibility and accountability from the staff and the servers to Hostgator India.

Its been nearly a month and unlike with Godaddy,Its been really worth every micro penny I spent on these guys. They Deserve appreciation for commitment and ability to provide commited and  apt solutions. Being godaddy subscriber its really a quantum leap in service for me.

Hostgator in their unlimited plans provides space as /home/primarydomain/ while your webroot will be /home/primarydomain/public_html all your sites ideally sit in that webroot making it extremely difficult for you to organise backup or migrate to different servers.

They may not be completely messy but you will struggle to identify dependencies if the directory names does not have extensions such as .com/.co/.in/.org etc and if the migration or backup is for primary you will have hard time escaping the unnecessary subfolders created for the addon domains (not subdomains alone).

I asked if there is a way to do this better ? there is no documentation or help in this regard and they did try their best to explain how it can still be organised but I am against the idea of putting folders in a less secure way (Have to handle permissions for each of them seperately etc)

After they tried their best I decided to get my hands dirty before its too late and since I have not started migrating to hostgator yet.

I simply created a folder other giving access to all in /home/primarydomain and started hosting all the domains now my primary web root /home/primarydomain/public_html is  intact, serving only my primary domain while /home/primarydomain/other/addondomain1,addondomain2 s handling their own space respectively.

Seems like they liked the idea and hope they will make other’s experience less painful in the future.

When you provide good service, entire ecosystem will help you to do your job better, Its not closed innovation anymore.

I recommend using hostgator for anyone wanting best performing service at affordable price, NO Kidding They really impressed me. I strongly encourage startups to consider This.

BTW Thanks Hostgator guys You rock!

This is what I thought I can do for them and you, You can click on the link below and get the benefits.


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