Startups, Think before you add ‘Lean’ as prefix

I heard an interesting podcast about startups in general and lean
startups especially. unfortunately its not very much in favor of the word “lean” in this
video Mark Suster explains lean is not probably the right word but
robust, rapid or quick should be …

However I feel there are some essentials like your connectivity

where you should look for optimal solution but can’t afford to rule
them out.

Next comes office space, luxury of the office and other paraphernalia
of a company which you might ignore till you are a sizable company.

I found better Bandwidth a varying subject but with advancement in
technology we are getting closer to almost 0 cost on logal and long
distance calls may it be google voice or some other service like
Telonium. they are inexpensive.

And Webdevelopment should be concentrated more because its going to
make your first impressions, again your service is what is more
important there for example I came across this lightest site called which is the brightest site I have ever come across…
lets you launch business in no time.

Entrepreneurship is about sales pitches, solving problems but also
looking out for new solutions on the web finding and using it for your

So keep looking and be successful.

I claim no association with the companies mentioned above.
they are just few I felt reasonable.

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